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Cultivated Ganoderma

In modern times the equipment and expertise to cultivation of ganoderma is at its peak sophistication. The process of growth can be rigorously monitored and controlled to create Ganoderma which naturally contains the richest possible nutrients. This is the reason why most ganoderma products are cultivation based. Products of Cultivated Ganoderma is more recommended end product.

The comparison of different cultivation methods

Bottled/Bag Cultivation
Log Cultivation
Growth Medium

Wood Shavings

Dried Hay

Seed Shells

Logs with tough exteriors are the better option
Fermenting fluid

Source of medium is readily available and easily accessible. Contains rich array of nutrients. Easy control and use, high productivity with minimal risk of contamination.

Suitable only in areas with rich sources of wood. Limited access to resource. Can be easily contaminated by pests and pesticides.

Short growth period, fast and large scaled productivity. This method requires large investment of apparatus, therefore is suitable for manufacturers seeking mass production.

Quality in large scale

Can easily add additional medium to growing ganodemra

Overall good quality

Cannot add additional medium to growing ganoderma.

May create portions of unusable stock.

Can only produce hyphae and not parent body.

Overall good quality.

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