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What is Ganoderma Amboinense?

Ganoderma Amboinense is cultivated in a special method which alters the its growing process; where its growth stage is prolonged and its spore nutrients can be retained within its body. It is harvested at its peak nutrient level, where Beta-D-Glucan is at its highest.


Gallop Health Care's Ganoderma Amboinense

Or deer antler Ling Zhi in chinese, is named after its physical shape. Gallop's G.Amboinense is cultivated in a pure, non-polluted environment, and is harvested at its peak nutrient level. Because it does not release spores, its nutrients are well retained inside its body, and thereby its polysaccharide level is much higher than any other Ganoderma. GHC's G.Amboinense also adopts nanometer technology to maximize its effectiveness.

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