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Blood cell test of first time users of GHC Ganoderma Amboinense Nanometer Capsule


  30 minutes after taking GHC Ganoderma Amboinense Nanometer Capsules:  




    Red Blood Cells adhere to each other to create a cylindrical shape. Therefore surface area is greatly reduced, and less effective. Delivery of oxygen becomes difficult and the result is the individual suffers from constant tiredness and fatigue.   The adhering Red Blood cells are now broken into one individual entity, and its full shape can be clearly seen. Its activity is much greater and blood circulation improves. The hypoxic condition is adjusted, immune system improves and thereby the individual feels more vibrant and has more energy.  


Product Testimonials

siu   Ms Siu, 65, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. In January 2008, it was found that her cancer cells have migrated to her liver, lungs and even her brain. The hospital was not able to treat Ms Siu any longer, they could only remove the fluid accumulation in her lungs to sustain her life. Under her friend's recommendation, she started taking GHC's Ganoderma Amboinense Nanometer Capsules; after a month of taking the capsules, her lungs had no more fluid accumulation.
lai   Ms Lai, 49, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November 2005. She suffered tremendously after her treatments in electrolysis and chemotherapy - she was constantly weak and pale. In May 20th, she started taking GHC's Ganoderma Amboinense and only after a month later, she restored back to health again. Her medical records also indicate that she was in a healthy condition.
mrchiu   Mr Chiu, 50, had long suffered from high blood pressure. He complains of having a loss of balance, having weak knees, his neck and shoulders are constantly sore, loss of appetite, cannot think fast, frequent night urination and poor sleeping habits. Ever since he started taking GHC Ganoderma Amboinense Nanometer Capsules, his blood pressure is measured normal in only one and a half months. He feels full of energy, he can now think clearer, his night urination disappeared and has enjoyed better sleep; even his joints, neck and shoulders were feeling better.