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An overview of the Immune System

Our body consists of millions of macrophages and natural Killer cells. Their main purpose is to track down and eliminate foreign matters within our system.

For example, a cancerous cell should be spotted by the immune system and rapidly destroyed. If this does not occur, this will allow the cancerous cell to spread and divide into more cancerous cells.

Increasing the immune system function can result with the following:

1. Increase the production of white blood cells from the bone marrow. This includes macrophages, neutrophils, and monocytes; their main function is to attack and 'consume' hostel foreign matter.

2. Relocate white blood cells to the point of hostile infestation.

3. Increase the capacity of white blood cells to envade and engulf hostile matter.

4. The immune system will immediately boost its intercellular communication when a hostile foreign matter is spotted; this includes macrophages, neutrophils and natural killer cells.

5. Activate B Cells and C Cells to protect the body against threats.

6. Converge B Cells into plasma cells which becomes a hiding place for white blood cells and also 'wakes up' macrophages and other defence systems to identify and eliminate foreign hostile matter.

7. Activate T Cell Recepters to eliminate infected and mutated cells.

Human's immune system is sensitive towards microorganisms such as bacteria, cancer and fungi. The first point of immune system defense is macrophages and millions of lymphocyes that will identify and eliminate these organisms. Beta-D-Glucan has the ability to activate this system. Ordinarily, the immune system would react only when it is threatened by foreign matter, but Beta-D-Glucan is different to other types of immune system boosting products in the market; it regulates the immune system to become more effective, forcing your immune system to gain a higher standard of activity.

1. Beta-D-Glucan is proven to effectively boost macrophage's sensitivity and activity.

2. Beta-D-Glucan operates when your immune system is weakened and cannot function normally - It awakens the immune system to make appropriate changes to itself.