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GH0101 Ganoderma Amboinense Nanometer Capsules 120 Gift Pack

Contains high levels of Polysaccharide; in particular Beta-D-Glucan, which is effective in improving ones health in many ways.

Ganoderma Amboinense adopts 3 dimensional nanometer extraction technology; low temperature, concentrated, dehumidified with nanometer jet technology production, enabling Ganoderma Amboinense to effectively be retained and maximizing its solubility and absorption when taken.


Effectively boosts immune system, increases blood circulation, increases the ability for blood to carry oxygen, antioxidant, eliminates free radicals, prevents overgrowth of cells.


60 capsules per bottle (2 bottles per box)


Orally, 1-2 capsules each time, Taken morning and evening in an empty stomach; will have better results if taken before bedtime.

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