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GH0102 Ganoderma Amboinense Nanometer Capsule 60 Singles Pack

"Natural Ganoderma Amboinense; very High Level of Polysaccharides; Watch yourself become considerably healthier with this Miracle Healing Herb."


GH0201 Ganoderma Amboinense Flower Tea Original Flavour

"Contains Natural Ganoderma Amboinense Extract; Aromatically Pleasing; Nourishing for the Body"


GH0602 Ganoderma Amboinense Flower Tea Silver Gift Set

"Containing 5 different Fragrant Flower Tea Flavours. Beautiful Package Design, Perfect as a Gift."


GH0301 Ganoderma Amboinense Herb Slices

"Traditionally prepared Ganoderma; Cut into perfect slices, its essenses infuses completely with Health Soups and Tea. Great addition to a healthy diet."


GH0801 Cordyceps Sinensis Nanometer Capsules

"Fascinating Herb although is parasitic to Caterpillars, its ability to boost the human immune system is known throughout chinese history to give great results."


GH0701 Ganoderma Amboinense Instant Coffee

"An interesting yet perfect combination of Ganoderma draws out the beautiful aroma of Brazilian coffee beans; experience the intense sensation while you wind down... it's good for your health too!"